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MomMomOnTheGo Reviews ROCKET SPORT Dryer

22nd November

Check out the review of our new UV ROCKET Dryer on MomMomOnTheGo.
If you deal with wet gear, snowsuits, or well you get the picture, come read their review.

Rocket Sport Dryer – UV

ROUSSEAU Sports Laval Fully Stocked for the Holidays with All 3 ROCKET Dryers!

22nd November

Great to see the new display area in ROUSSEAU Sports Laval. They are fully stocked with all our products including the new ROCKET SPORT Locker and the ROCKET SPORT Dryer UV! On the road or in your house, we keep your equipment dry and bacteria free! Visit or call them at:
Sports Rousseau Laval
4440 Autoroute 440 , Laval, Quebec
Tel: (450) 681-8440

Canadian Hockey Moms Approved!

22nd November

Check out the great review of the ROCKET Sport Dryer UV by Theresa Bailey at Canadian Hockey Moms Blog . Enter and share to win you very own ROCKET Sport Dryer UV and ROCKET Sport Wash!

“Canadian Hockey Moms” Test ROCKET SPORT Dryer UV!

22nd November

Glad to see “Canadian Hockey Moms” owner Theresa Bailey Dostaler will be giving the New “ROCKET SPORT Dryer UV” a test ride this weekend. We look forward to hearing all about it. Finally no wet equipment on the road this weekend! #RocketSport

Welcome ROCKET SPORT Locker

22nd November

ROCKET Sport is pleased to announce that the newest addition to our family has finally arrived in North America… now in stock…the ROCKET Sport Locker is the solution for multiple athlete families and some of the NHL’s most famous mascots. Find a home for your equipment and uniform but most of all keep it dry and bacteria free!

ROCKET Sport Dryer – Stronger, Better, Faster…

11th October

Cool new photos to show you our newest products…we’re back in black . customized the way we have always wanted it to be… lots of improvements..stronger, better, faster… 2 models to choose from … base model and the new UV option!

ROCKET Dryer hits Wells, Maine

19th September

Great to see my good friend Vernon Briggs of Hampton Inn Wells, Maine and his boys… long-time ROCKET Sport fans for their football and hockey equipment! #PureHockey

The 2nd generation ROCKET Dryer!

19th September

The 2nd generation ROCKET Dryer!
Custom black motor branded with our logo..
Available in the base model and new UV model!

The New Look ROCKET Dryer

19th September

#NewLook #NewAirBag #RocketDryer

Introducing the ROCKET Sport Locker

19th September

For All those Tendys who ask us about a ROCKET Dryer for your equipment … Here’s our solution … The ROCKET Sport Locker.. We ask ourselves how many sets of hockey equipment can fit in the new ROCKET Sport Locker ? Testing it right now and at last count it fits 3 sets easily! Great for families with multiple athletes. Available in Canada and USA this fall!
#RocketSport #StayHealthy #StayDry