What people are saying

“This is truly a great new product! It completely dries my equipment – it takes no time at all and it takes little space as well. This is a must for every hockey player at any level”

Claude Boileau, Groupe Hockey

“One of the worst feelings as a hockey player is putting on damp/wet equipment. Rocket Sport Dryer a great product for all hockey players who play multiple games during the week or tournaments. Easy to transport , this product dries your equipment in approximately 1 hour”

Keith Murray, Hockey Experts

“Recently we started using the Rocket sport dryer at our son’s hockey tournaments. No more drying his equipment on our hotel room floor. Now he has dry equipment every game! Great product… I wish I had a dryer like this growing up!”

Claude Lemieux, NHL Stanley Champion – Montreal Canadiens – Colorado Avalanche – New Jersey Devils

“Between my son and I we play hockey up to seven times a week. The Rocket Sport Dryer was being used everyday but it was never more appreciated than during a tournament. Its portability and quick dry ability made it a hit – with the whole team! We threw in a dryer sheet and there was not even any odor in the hotel room”

Paul Brophy, St Lazare (QC)

“Just bought a rocket dryer and soap for my kids Tae Kwon Do equipment this week…AMAZING! Everything finally smells fresh! So pleased with these products!!”

Tara Caza

“Being a beer league goalie means that You probably have to buy your own gear. Which means you dont want it to rot away before it wears out. If you are storing it inside the house, it cant stink even a little bit, or the whole house will stink…alot. In two hours ALL of my gear is dry and ready to be packed and stored when I use The Rocket. Saves time, money and marriages!”

Kenny Greer

“Great product! 4 hockey players in this family. Couldn’t live without the Rocket Dryer!”

Trish Bentley

“Love this dryer. Super easy to pack for travel. We use it up to 5x a week for hockey and other sports gear”

Nancy Keane