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After decades of playing hockey in Canada, USA & Europe, operating hockey schools as well as coaching minor hockey, I always believed there was a better way to dry your equipment and keep it clean!

What’s worse than wearing wet, soggy, smelly, bacteria filled equipment? NOTHING ..its not comfortable and most of all ITS NOT HEALTHY!

Until I invented the ROCKET Sport products, the only options available;

  • Hanging equipment on a hook and waiting for days to dry!
  • Drying equipment on a garage floor or hotel room carpet!
  • Leaving it in your Bag!

To address these problems, I finally created the Rocket Sport products to quickly and effectively dry ALL sports equipment, bulky apparel or fragile fabrics.

Today, our ROCKET Sport products are used to dry equipment, kill bacteria and keep equipment & apparel smelling fresh for sports including ice hockey, lacrosse, football, field hockey, cycling, roller hockey, ringette, and for clothing used in snow snowmobiling, ATV, fishing, hunting, or downhill and cross country skiing.

Our ROCKET Sport Dryer is portable and sets up in minutes, so its practical at tournaments, camps, cottage, hotel room, RV or vacation destinations. In approximately 60 minutes or less, you have dry equipment or apparel, while at the same time reducing odors and bacteria. In association with our ROCKET Sport Wash and ROCKET Sport Spray, we keep equipment bacteria free and smelling fresh!

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website and learning more about the Rocket Sport brand of products.

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Domenico Ciarallo

President, ROCKET Sport

Domenico Ciarallo